Richard C. Talbot

A short bio.

I’m a graduate of the Ontario College of Art. For decades now, I’ve worked on a wide variety of projects in fine art, advertising, graphic design. I’ve judged several award shows in art and design as well as received numerous accolades for my work on a National and International scale, including the ANDY awards in New York City, the AIGA, ITC, CAPIC, SSNAP finalist to name just a few. I’m a big believer in being only as good as your last job, which thankfully the client really liked! I’ve “given back” by teaching at George Brown, Humber College and guest lectured at Sheridan College. I’ve consulted for a number of companies including Reader’s Digest, the Art Gallery of Ontario, and an array of organizations, small businesses and startups.

 You could say I like staying busy, so if you’ve got something you need help with, in the words of James Taylor, “I’m your handyman”!