RD wanted to capture an online audience.

Reader’s Digest stands for truth, accessibility and family values. They aim to educate, entertain, motivate and connect people all over the world. With a witty campaign the message directed their millions of print readers to check them out online.

Complete rebranding campaign for RW from heel to toe.

From the website to the in-store posters and ads, the RW rebranding was a giant leap forward!


In-store poster

RW summer poster

Promotion ad

The launch ads for Best Health Magazine crossed the border.

This campaign successfully launched Best Health Magazine both in Canada and in the US.
The double page spread “fold concept” was a unique way to promote a healthy lifestyle to women .

Headline: Want firms abs? Fold here, repeat 25 times, once a day.

Open for good advice. Close to embrace the world around you.

Fold omelet here, serve and eat well.

Open as desired. Close because you’re beautiful.